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Thread: Room 2 vs Monument Valley Android puzzle game

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    Room 2 vs Monument Valley Android puzzle game

    I want a good android puzzle game for my Tab 3.I had played Room 1 before and it is just an awesome game. Now there is a new version I found on Google Play. But with that when I was looking in the top charts I also found Monument Valley as another popular Android puzzle game. I am only going to buy one among this and I want to know that which one will be better here. I had played Room already but I think the new version will be lot more challenging and amazing. But with the same Monument Valley also look great in videos. Which one will be better among this two.

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    Re: Room 2 vs Monument Valley Android puzzle game

    Room 2 is far more competitive and challenging I think. It is lot more better this time. There are certain puzzle which will twist your mind completely. I was stuck at few levels and then I found some walk through videos on Youtube. And then I was able to clear the same. So here you must start with Room 2 I think. You can get a bit more information on that through Youtube. Where many had posted review and gameplay video. That will put a bit more highlight on the new kind of puzzles.

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    Re: Room 2 vs Monument Valley Android puzzle game

    Room 2 is just awesome. I had just started playing this and it is far more challenging than the first version. It takes to you a different world where you are dealing with various puzzles and hidden things. This time you will also have to create mechanism by mixing up different things. And I am quiet sure that it is going to take a really long time to finish up the game. Room 2 is a award wining game and it offers many levels and a good playback. I do think there is anything else challenging than this game. This time the game also support cloud saving. That means you can get your progress back if you reset your device.

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    Re: Room 2 vs Monument Valley Android puzzle game

    I will advice you to once test a new game because you had already played Room game and you might not get much excited on the new version. Monument Valley is something really different and impressive. This game is bit different. I had played the first version of Room and it looks great to me. But in Monument Valley you are going to get a lot more new things. And this game brings amazing graphics. It will work well on your device. You just have to find hidden paths in this and it is like having a live 3D optical illusion on your screen. Just try this once.

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