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Thread: Evolve game crash to desktop

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    Evolve game crash to desktop

    After installing Evolve game today on my PC I tried to play this game and its been 4 times that the game has crashed. When I was playing with monster, I got some message on yahoo messenger, so alt-tabbed, but soon after that the game was not able to open. After that when I was trying join a round the game closed automatically. So, I tried playing Evacuation as monster and soon after some time it again crashed to desktop? Is this game still in the beta stage or what?

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    Re: Evolve game crash to desktop

    For me this game is working fine, even in multiplayer mode. I am guessing that the crash might be happening due to some specific device that is installed in your computer. If you are using multiple controller or gaming keyboards or mouse then you should try to unplug one of them and test with only single device at a time. This way you will get to know which device is causing the random crashing of the game on your computer.

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    Re: Evolve game crash to desktop

    Even I was facing this crash problem on my computer but was able to identify what was the cause and solved it. I went into the directory of the Log File here -C:\Steam\SteamApps\common\EvolveGame\LogBackups and checked that there was a screen sharing program and some microsoft thing was causing this problem. So I immediately removed the screen sharing program from my pc and restarted the game and since then it was working fine without any issues.

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    Re: Evolve game crash to desktop

    It was noted that many players are facing issue while launching Evolve game and it crashes to desktop or gives some kind of error messages. Most of them were able to solve this problem by turning off the GeForce Experience. If there is some other problem then you can check the error reported in the Log file in this folder - Steam\SteamApps\common\EvolveGame\LogBackups. Otherwise try to verify the game cache or reinstall the game again.

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