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Thread: Dying light.exe has stopped working

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    Dying light.exe has stopped working

    I have just installed Dying Light game on my computer. I am running a Q9300 processor and Radeon HD 6970 graphics card on my computer and I am able to play most of the latest games on my pc on low settings with some low fps as usual. So, after installing Dying Light it is running properly on low settings but after every 5-10 minutes the game is crashing with error message "Dying light.exe has stopped working". After that I also get an error code which displays this "0x000000". Any idea

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    Re: Dying light.exe has stopped working

    Have you tried to verify the game cache and tested after that whether the game runs fine or not:
    1. Completely exit Steam
    2. Right-click on the shortcut which you use to launch Steam
    3. Select "Run as Administrator"
    4. Launch Steam again and continue to the section of this article titled "Verify integrity of game cache"

    More information is given here -

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    Re: Dying light.exe has stopped working

    Can you tell us how much RAM do you have in your computer system? If it is 4GB then it might be possible that due to low RAM the game is crashing every now and then. You should try to add up another 2GB RAM to play this game and by reading about the computer build that you have, it is very low end to run such high end game like Dying Light. You must also be getting very low FPS of 10-20 max I suppose.

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    Re: Dying light.exe has stopped working

    Even I will ask you to monitor how much RAM is being used when you are playing games by running a utility called MSI Afterburner. It will also give you imformation about how much temperature rise is there on the video card and see to it if it is not overheating. Most probably, the computer would shut down if there are overheating problems. The error code 0x00000000 seems to be a memory error, so I would suggest you to test your RAM first.

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