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Thread: Is it possible to run H.265 videos on Xbox one

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    Is it possible to run H.265 videos on Xbox one

    I got some high quality videos. The format when I check is in H.265. I want to know that can I run this type of videos on the console. I do not want to convert the same. Because I had seen that when you go ahead with the converting part there is a huge issue with the video and audio quality. It gets messed up and it is quiet not easy to get the output that I am looking for. I want to preserve the quality and at the same time I also want to play the videos through a usb drive or through the lan network. But it does not looks to be working well. I want some help here.

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    Re: Is it possible to run H.265 videos on Xbox one

    The video format that you are talking about is a 4K video and this might work really well if you try to stream that form your pc to the console on hdmi. And it will work. Because I had seen a few articles where it was clear that Microsoft has provided a support for HVEC videos. You can run them in the console and you can get a proper output. If you are having a nice HD screen then you can play those videos and you can also stream them easily. It is better to connect the console to your TV through a HDMI connection which is quiet necessary to get a good output.

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    Re: Is it possible to run H.265 videos on Xbox one

    The console has a support for HEVC. This format came from H.264 compression standard. I am quiet sure that Xbox wont have any issue in playing that 4K video. All you have to do is just try to copy the file in the pen drive and then connect that to the console. Then try to play the same directly and it will start working. A few gamers has said that it is even possible to run 8K resolution on the same. But this kind of videos are not yet available. Just try out the same first. I am quiet sure that it will start working and wont give you any issue at all.

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