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Thread: removing black bars and borders in Far Cry 4

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    removing black bars and borders in Far Cry 4

    I have recently purchased this new game Far Cry 4 and have installed it on my computer normally. The game runs fine without any issues but whenever I am changing the resolution to 1680 x 1050 then the black bars at the top and bottom screen start to appear. It really is very annoying and I am looking for a way to get rid of this black borders. I have tried changing some settings in the config file but that doesnt seem to effect in the game? So, can anyone tell me how do I get rid of this black bars in Far Cry 4 game? Thanks

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    Re: removing black bars and borders in Far Cry 4

    Are you by any chance using two graphics card in SLI? I read from somewhere that Nvidia driver version 344.75 was causing dark shadows to people who were running SLI on their machine and also the textures were not right. Some of those guys have used Nvidia Inspector to solve the black bars issue in Far Cry 4 game. You can also try to do the same by opening Nvidia inspector and then going to Settings and from profiles select Far Cry 3 and under SLI bits simply copy the SLI strings and paste them on a notepad like below:

    SLI compatibility bits (dx1x)
    0x081902F5 (Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon DLC, Far Cry 3)

    After that use Nvidia Inspector again and select Far Cry 4 under profiles and paste the same strings in their proper SLI bits line properly. Once copied then apply changes in the upper right side and play Far Cry 4 in SLI at night with the proper shadows.

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    Re: removing black bars and borders in Far Cry 4

    It looks to me that Ubisoft didnt add any support for 16:10 and 4:3 ratios, therefore you are getting black bars in Far Cry 4 game. You can try to download a small program called "fc4blackbarsfix" by searching it on the net and save it on your desktop. After getting this program launch the game and minimize it and then start the program by running its exe file. Now click on the button to remove black bars and wait for the confirmation. Once it is done then you can play the game without the annoying black borders.

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    Re: removing black bars and borders in Far Cry 4

    On the Steam community there are many people who are facing this black bars/borders problem in Far Cry 4 game. One of the game's developer has said that they are working with Nvidia to get this problem solved for the SLI users. So either, the game developer will release a patch to fix this issue for players playing it on SLI or else Nvidia might release a new version of their graphics drivers to solve this problem, until then you will just have to wait.

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