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Thread: Far Cry 4 Error "application was unable to start correctly 0x00005"

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    Far Cry 4 Error "application was unable to start correctly 0x00005"

    I had changed my monitor to a 274inhc widescreen gaming monitor. It is from BenQ. Before that I was using a 18inch monitor from Samsung. I played Far Cry 4 on that which worked very well. But after switching to new monitor when I double click on the Far Cry 4 icon on desktop I am getting a error. The code is application was unable to start correctly 0x00005. I restarted my pc. I thought this fix the issue. There was a new nvidia driver update this morning. But still the game is crashing after that.

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    Re: Far Cry 4 Error "application was unable to start correctly 0x00005"

    The error can be related to some damage file or some kind of driver issue. I think in your case the game is unable to product widescreen resolution and it crash. It can also be due to Nvidia new drivers. Just try to re-check for the update. You can try re-installing the game. But before that you have to backup the save game files. Or else you will loose all your progress. You can do that directly form the game folder. Just try to find that and test back. I am quiet sure it will work.

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    Re: Far Cry 4 Error "application was unable to start correctly 0x00005"

    This error is related to a dll file. I know that. I got the same on my friends pc also. If there is any damage dll file in your system then it will crash. It is not going to work. You have to re-install the game and you have to turn off your antivirus for sometime. And then test back. If the game works then you have to disable antivirus whenever you are playing. I hope you are not playing a cracked version of Far Cry 4. Because this issue usually occur in that. While in the official one it can be fixed by patches.

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