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Thread: Far Cry 4 not loading on Windows 7 64bit

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    Far Cry 4 not loading on Windows 7 64bit

    After installing Far Cry 4 on my system I am facing a few problem after launch. First the game did not start and gave me some kind of crash error. I updated the latest Nvidia drivers. I am using Nvidia 650Ti Boost 2GB GDDR5 graphic card. I have 8GB RAM and AMD FX8350 processor. The system is great enough to give me a decent output. After the driver update there was no crashing issue. But there is just an blank screen. The game does not give any logo or any audio at all. I can see a gray bar on the top side. When I click on that I am getting a message Far Cry4 not responding.

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    Re: Far Cry 4 not loading on Windows 7 64bit

    It looks like the game has some issue internally. There can be some damage files in the game which is causing the problem. You can remove the game and re-install that back again. I am quiet sure that will fix the problem. Just get a fresh setup of the game. And remove the old one. Delete all the game files and then try to add it back again. There are few new patches released for this game that can add more stability to the same. You have to run those to fix this kind of startup problem.

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    Re: Far Cry 4 not loading on Windows 7 64bit

    I got the same issue after installing Far Cry 4. I tried a lot of things to fix it but the game start and stuck in window mode. The reason behind this problem is HID devices. There are additional HID devices which are installed in your pc and you have to disable them. Go in Device Manager. And then click on Humen Interface Devices. Disable everything that has HID in its name. Reboot your pc and then start the game back again. It will work. If it crash again then it means the game files are damage.

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