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Thread: The Sims 4 lag on cinematic but works well while playing

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    The Sims 4 lag on cinematic but works well while playing

    I had just installed The Sims 4 in my pc. There is some problem with the game. When I am trying to play the game quiet lags in the cinematic. Otherwise it works well. I am having a nice gaming machine that I had bought 2 years ago. It is still working well and is capable of playing all games. I had played Battlefield 4, COD, etc on this and they work well. This is the first time I am having problem with The Sims 4. It is not looking great when I play the game. Most of the time this thing gives problem on the intro videos otherwise it works quiet well. I need some help here to make the game work a lot more better. How can I do this. What are the options available to optimize the games video output.

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    Re: The Sims 4 lag on cinematic but works well while playing

    You can start with updating your video drivers. The cinematic is a kind of hd video which remains in the game and it might lag if your driver is not updated. While playing the game the scenario is different. You can go with driver update first to find out whether that is helping or not. Just update that first and test back. If that does not help then it will be best to skip the video. Those are not much informative I think. You can play the game ahead. Second option is to re-install the game. But do that after taking backup of yur save game files so that you wont loose anything.

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    Re: The Sims 4 lag on cinematic but works well while playing

    I had seen this issue on few games that I use to play. And I was able to fix that by changing the installation directory of the game. My C drive was almost full. And this can be due to low hard drive performance. I am having one drive in the pc which is 500GB and it has a single partition. It completely empty. I re-installed the game and this time I modified the location to the new drive folder. The game works well. There is no lagging or freezing issue here. It is quiet fast and does not lag at any point. I had played a lot of games like this. Once done I backup the save game files and remove the game. So that next time I do not have to start from beginning.

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