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Thread: Any news on GTA 5 when it coming on pc

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    Any news on GTA 5 when it coming on pc

    GTA 5 is released long back on console and I am quiet not able to find out when it is going to come on the pc. It was in news that this is going to be
    coming fast on the pc but yet there is no detail about that. I found on some site that which confirm that the new GTA 5 is going to be released in January 2015. But that is quiet delayed and most of this dates found to be fake later on. I am quiet excited about playing GTA 5 on the pc. I hope this game is going to work well on the pc on my existing hardware. I can play all latest games here. I had seen the gameplay video of console which shows that it is a high graphic game.

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    Re: Any news on GTA 5 when it coming on pc

    It is still not clear about the final release of GTA 5 on pc. There are still lots of rumors revolving around the web. I am also waiting for the same. There is one thing you can see. I think the game developer company is finding issue with porting the game to pc due to it really high graphic requirement. The game is much more detailed this time. It is a very long open world game. So there are many elements in it which they have to program properly which will work well. But we have to wait back for the same. Rockstar is still working on the same and they will provide a valid detail when they are willing to release it in pc.

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    Re: Any news on GTA 5 when it coming on pc

    Rockstart is simply skipping a huge platform for GTA 5. Because there are so many users who are still waiting for the release and would love to play it on the pc. And for a single game I do not think there will be people who will go and buy a costly console. It is good for those who already own a PS3. I also found the same date for the release which is termed for the next year. It looks like this game development company are trying to tackle privacy. They release old games on pc and new are released on the consoles. It would be amazing if there is some kind of emulator that can help us to play the latest console games on pc.

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