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Thread: Lichdom: Battlemage crashes, save game gone

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    Lichdom: Battlemage crashes, save game gone

    So, I recently got Lichdom: Battlemage game from Steam and installed it in my pc after reading good reviews about this game. The game was working fine without any issues, but today all of a sudden the game crashed without any reasons and when I tried to launch it then all the save game got deleted. I have played this game almost for 2 hours and I dont want to play this game from the starting again. So, if anyone can tell me how do I recover the saves that got deleted, it would be helpful.

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    Re: Lichdom: Battlemage crashes, save game gone

    Were you playing the pre-alpha version of this Lichdom: Battlemage game? If that is the case then all save files get wiped everytime when the developers of this game do a major update, that is from pre-alpha to alpha and then alpha to beta and so on. So, it might be possible due to this update, the save game files of this game should have got deleted from your computer. You must try to buy the final version of this game available on Steam and play it on your pc to avoid such issues.

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    Re: Lichdom: Battlemage crashes, save game gone

    As for fixing the game crashing issue, you can go to this path - C:/Users/<YourUsername>/Saved Games/Lichdom Battlemage/ and then try to delete the game.cfg file and then try to launch the game again. Incase you are still facing the crashing issue, then just wait for 2 minutes before exiting out of it. But if you are able to hear music but you are not getting any visuals then you can try to exit the game and relaunch it again to see if it is working fine this time.
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    Re: Lichdom: Battlemage crashes, save game gone

    It looks to me like there might be something that is happening when the game is crashing while it is trying to save the progress of the game. Can you tell us anything else, like whether you were doing anything at the time of crashing, it would be helpful to us. There is a new patch released by the developers that has fix for crashes when saves occur usually. Just download it in Steam client only and install it in your pc. After that report back whether the game is saving or not.

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