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Thread: How to play Risen 3 Titan Lords in fullscreen mode

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    How to play Risen 3 Titan Lords in fullscreen mode

    I recently got my hands on this new Risen 3 Titan Lords game. After installing it on my pc, the game is always starting in Windowed mode. I even went into the game options but there are no options to play or set this game on full screen mode. There are only options to change its resolution and nothing else. Has anyone been successful to run this game on full-screen mode? Thanks for any help.

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    Re: How to play Risen 3 Titan Lords in fullscreen mode

    To play this game in fullscreen mode, you will have to go to the directory where you have installed this game first - \Steam\steamapps\common\Risen 3\data\ini\. After that search for and open the file ConfigDefault.xml in notepad. Now do a ctrl+F to and search for FullScreen. You will be able to find it in the XNL tag which might be just near the top. All you need to do is just change the "false" to "true" and save the file. Now you can play this game in full screen and also SLI will work along with crossfire.

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    Re: How to play Risen 3 Titan Lords in fullscreen mode

    There was a user on Steam Community who had solved this problem by setting the game to be played on 2560x1080 without any issues, check his post in the below quoted lines:

    1. edit <path-to-game>\data\ini\ConfigDefault.xml and set the following options:
    *Note: some folks seem to suggest putting the proper aspect ratio into the "gui" section. For good meaure, I added "<Aspect21x9 VirtalWidth="2560" VirtalHeight="1080" EnableDrawScale="True">
    </Aspect21x9>", although I'm not sure if that would work for other resolutions

    2. Edit %APPDATA%\Local\Risen3\Config\ConfigUser.xml, search for "FullScreen", and set it to:

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    Re: How to play Risen 3 Titan Lords in fullscreen mode

    Another Steam user made a script to solve the problem of windowed mode to full screen mode. First download the autohotkey software from their official website and then copy and paste the below to the running script:
    #SingleInstance Force
    SendMode Event
    WinGet, TempWindowID, ID, A
    If (WindowID != TempWindowID)
    If (WindowState != 1)
    WinGetPos, WinPosX, WinPosY, WindowWidth, WindowHeight, ahk_id %WindowID%
    WinSet, Style, ^0xC00000, ahk_id %WindowID%
    WinMove, ahk_id %WindowID%, , 0, 0,1920, 1080
    WinSet, Style, ^0xC00000, ahk_id %WindowID%
    WinMove, ahk_id %WindowID%, , WinPosX, WinPosY, WindowWidth, WindowHeight
    Now you just need to press F11 to maximize your window.

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