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Thread: alt-tab crashes Abyss Odyssey game

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    alt-tab crashes Abyss Odyssey game

    After installing the game Abyss Odyssey, it is working fine but when I am pressing the alt-tab to change my controller configuration then this game is crashing no matter how many times I try. There are many players who are suffering from the same issue. This is kind of annoying because I usually exit the game temporarily to check on things on my computer but the game crashes again and again. Is there anyone who has solved this problem? Thanks

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    Re: alt-tab crashes Abyss Odyssey game

    I had the same problem so I started playing this game in Windowed mode and it was not crashing anymore. You can also go to your desktop or check on different things this way while the game is running in the background. Until a real fix comes up for this problem you can use this method to solve the problem. Just go in the in-game settings and change the resolution to Windowed mode and save it. Hopefully lets see if a developer addresses this problem and releases a patch soon.

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    Re: alt-tab crashes Abyss Odyssey game

    Even I have encountered the same problem in the last few times playing this game. The main problem is that I can try to alt-tab out but if I am trying to alt-tab back then I am getting a black screen and there is no sound as well. When I open task manager then I am also getting a window that AOS.exe has crashed. This problem seems to be happening randomly. Most of the time it will crash out but sometimes it will not. Lets see if Windowed mode works better for this game.

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