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Thread: The Red Solstice will not start

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    The Red Solstice will not start

    After buying The Red Solstice from Steam all the download and installation went fine on my computer. But when I am attempting to start this game then Steam states that I am already in-game but nothing happens and all of a sudden the game will quit. No matter how many times I try, I will end up with the same result, steam saying first then I am in game and then after couple of minutes it says that I am no longer in game? Does anyone know what is going on here?

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    Re: The Red Solstice will not start

    Can you tell us what antivirus software you have installed in your machine? It might be possible that it is blocking the game or Steam client when you are trying to play the game. You should check in the antivirus or firewall settings and allow the game to be launched normally on your computer. Or else disable antivirus first, then uninstall the game completely. After that re-download the game and reinstall it in your pc, keeping the antivirus turned off. Once the installation of the game is finished then try to launch it and check if it is working fine on your pc.

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    Re: The Red Solstice will not start

    Which graphics card have you installed in your computer? Have you made sure that you have installed the latest version of the graphics driver for your video card? But first you should try to uninstall all its old graphics driver from your pc. Once you have uninstalled the old graphics card driver then also try to remove its remains by a software called Revo Uninstaller. After a reboot download the latest graphics driver from its manufacturer's website and then install it in your pc.

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    Re: The Red Solstice will not start

    If the above solution doesnt work then check for Windows error reporting to see if other things are conflicting with the game. You can also check the process monitor logs for the application. I also had a similar problem and it was due to a .dll file issue. This basically happens when a 32bit process is trying to use a 64bit dll file. Can you try to check the Windows Updates and install them if it is available or else try going to TheRedSolstice\_CommonRedist\vcredist\2013 and reinstalling the component from there.

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