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Thread: cant find free DLC with Sniper Elite 3 game

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    cant find free DLC with Sniper Elite 3 game

    Yesterday when it was the last day to get free DLC for Sniper Elite 3, I bought it immediately. Today after installing it successfully on my computer I am not able to see the DLC anywhere in the folder? I even launched the game and quit it to see if the DLC would start downloading but to no avail? So, do you think that I have been scammed and have to spend money for the DLC of Sniper Elite 3 game again? Please help me out.

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    Re: cant find free DLC with Sniper Elite 3 game

    The DLC gets automatically downloaded once you click or start playing the campaign mode of Sniper Elite 3 game. As soon as you launch the campaign you can minimize the game and check in the DLC content that files are getting downloaded. Also, some of the weapons too get downloaded and it will be in your loadout. If you are still having trouble then check to verify if you got the game before the promotion ended. Just go to the Steam Library and then right click on Sniper Elite III and click on "View Downloadable Content", it must list the Hunt The Grey Wolf DLC.

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    Re: cant find free DLC with Sniper Elite 3 game

    Can you tell us from where did you get the Sniper Elite 3 game's key? If you have got them from some local store or from somewhere else other than Steam, then it might be possible that it could be without the preorder bonus since it was a key from retail and not purchased from Steam. You must note that if you got the key from Retail then it shouldnt have included the pre-order bonus. So, your only hope is to buy the additional DLC for this game from the Steam store. Nothing else could be done.

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    Re: cant find free DLC with Sniper Elite 3 game

    I assume that even though you have bought the key from some local store, you didnt activate it before the release of the Sniper Elite III game in your region. If you have activated it before the release then it makes the game as pre-order and thus you have got your DLC for free. Can you tell us whether you have bought the boxed copy of the game or just the Steam key? It might be possible that some retailers are reselling Steam keys from boxed copies that is intended to be sold after release. So, your only chance is to go to their store and inquire about the issue.

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