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Thread: Murdered: Soul Suspect crashing on Windows 7

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    Murdered: Soul Suspect crashing on Windows 7

    I am having a bit problem in playing Murdered: Soul Suspect. I had just installed the game and it is crashing. I am not able to figure out why. My hardware configuration is listed below. I am having a mid range pc where I can play almost all kind of game. I had recently played spider man which worked really well. But sometime it lags in between. How can I fix the performance of Murdered: Soul Suspect on Windows 7.
    • Intel Core i3
    • 4GB RAM
    • Gigabyte Motherboard
    • 1GB DDR3 Nvidia gpu

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    Re: Murdered: Soul Suspect crashing on Windows 7

    You have to reduce the video settings. It looks your system is unable to handle high resolution due to which it is crashing. You had not provided a full detail about your hardware specs. Still I am going to provide you some suggestion which will help. Launch the game an go in PC Options. And apply the below settings.
    • Screen Resolution - 1280x720 (You can change it on the basis of game performance)
    • FullScreen - Off
    • Vertical Sync - Off
    • Motion Blur - Off
    • Bloom - Off
    • Ambient occlusion - Off
    • Distortion - On
    • Anti-Aliasing - FXAA Low
    • Texture Level of Detail - Low
    • Texture Filtering - Anistropic
    • Shadow Quality - Low
    • Shader Quality - Medium
    • Particle Effect - Low

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    Re: Murdered: Soul Suspect crashing on Windows 7

    The above settings would work for a low end system. But there are few things you have to know. Here you can start playing with Screen Resolution first. By default 1280x720 is low and will give you a square window if full-screen is off. You can change it on the basis of game performance. Vertical Sync is necessary or else the screen tearing effect will be appear on the screen. It will reduce screen tearing. But put pressure on the gpu. You can test it. Keeping Motion Blur Off is good as it is necessary for racing and fps games. It allow you to see clear image while moving. Keep the bloom and Ambient occlusion also Off.

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