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Thread: No sound on any Steam Games

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    No sound on any Steam Games

    I am having a bit issue with playing games on steam. When I launch the same there is no audio at all. I am trying to play Sniper Elite and few free games. I had downloaded a few demos also. When I am trying to play the games work well but there is no sound in it. I tried to check the audio settings which is proper. I am not able to get sound in headphone and on my speaker as well. Can anyone help me to fix the issue.

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    Re: No sound on any Steam Games

    Can be some issue with your audio due to which you are getting that issue. You have to simply check the audio driver here. You can update your system with latest audio driver which will be enough to fix the issue. I do not think there is any issue with the steam client. What about audio from a movie or mp3 file. Just check that also. If there is no audio then the issue is with the audio driver. You have to find the latest driver and update that in your system.

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    Re: No sound on any Steam Games

    Go in Device Manager and right click on the audio hardware. Choose update drivers. That will resolve the issue. Steam does not comes with any specific audio settings. You can try to check the drivers stuff here which can fix the issue. But if this is not working then you have to re-install steam client. For that you have to go in the system folder and delete Steam.exe, Steamapps and Userdata. This might keep your games in the pc.

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