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Thread: How to fix activation issues of Microsoft Games

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    How to fix activation issues of Microsoft Games

    How to resolve activation and other problem of Microsoft Games. I am testing few free games that I had downloaded recently. Those work well. Then I bought one. Now I have this activation problem. It is unable to identify my key. Just getting a unable to activate message. Once you buy the game it must get activated on its own. This is anther extra process which is time consuming and when this type of error comes you cant even fix them.

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    Re: How to fix activation issues of Microsoft Games

    microsoft has this weird issue since late 2013. Did you contact the support theam via email or phone?

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    Re: How to fix activation issues of Microsoft Games

    It happens sometime you get those error. You can fix the same. There are many other ways of activation. The first thing you have to check is that your activation key is proper. You are typing the correct letters. After installation try to reboot your pc and then activate it once again. Just for temporary period exist your antivirus and check back. If nothing works then you can call the customer care of Microsoft and activate the same through phone.

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    Re: How to fix activation issues of Microsoft Games

    There is a tiny fix for that will help you to activate the product back again. For that you hvae to edit windows registry. You have to click on Start and in the search box you have to type HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CURRENTCONTROLSET\CONTROL\CLASS\{4D36E967-E325-11CE-BFC1-08002BE10318}\Upperfilters. Right click on the upperfilters key and choose modify. Here you have to go in the Value Data box and you just have to type PartMgr. Just exit and restart your pc. The issue will be resolved.

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    Re: How to fix activation issues of Microsoft Games

    You don't really have to modify the registry files. You can simply fix that through a tiny registry fix also. I am going to give you a link below which will help you to resolve the problem. Just click on that and download the fix and run it. It will automatically modify the registry values. But if you are still facing a license error in your phone then you have to activate the game through phone call. That will work.

    Hotfix for Game Activation

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