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Thread: online co-op in LEGO: The Hobbit game

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    online co-op in LEGO: The Hobbit game

    So, I have purchased this new LEGO: The Hobbit game from Steam and installed it in my computer. I can play the game fine and even in local co-op mode but I cannot see any online co-op mode in this game so that my friend can join me in my session. Most of the lego games are already made on local co-op but why there is no online co-op mode given in the game? Can anyone confirm if this option will be implemented in the near future? Thanks

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    Re: online co-op in LEGO: The Hobbit game

    As far as what I have read from the different news channels Lego: The Hobbit will be able to support local 2 player co-op only, there is no support for online co-op till now and nothing is discussed about it as well. However, this game will have first 2 films in Lego form and you can control all the dwarves in this game as well. So, you can play this game along with your brother or friend by connecting to local machines easily.

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    Re: online co-op in LEGO: The Hobbit game

    In my opinion the local co-op is not so bad and I enjoy it myself playing with my little cousins but I also agree that this Lego series should also add online co-op support as well. This will definitely add more to the games selling point of view and we will be able to join anyone around the world to enjoy a little more. Kids do surely love the local co-op support but the added support would also prove fruitful for older generations.

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    Re: online co-op in LEGO: The Hobbit game

    You can try to email the developer of this LEGO: The Hobbit game and ask them whether there will be support for online co-op mode in this game or not in the furture update. I also think that the online option will make Lego games much more fun, just finding a match and playing with random person will be awesome. I believe that the only online co-op game was Lego Indian Jones 2 and after that there was none other Lego game with online mode, dunno why?

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