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Thread: RAMBO pc games is worst as it was expected

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    RAMBO pc games is worst as it was expected

    I had recently downloaded Rambo pc game. The game has a childish type of game play and above the graphic is pathetic. This game just remind me of house death. I was expecting a bit good graphics in this. It looks this game is very old and it is just released. I do not think anyone here will like after playing games like COD or Battlefield. I was so annoyed with the cut-scene. And just see below that they did to Rambo's face.

    Rambo PC Game

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    Re: RAMBO pc games is worst as it was expected

    You are right about that. I also wasted my money. I ordered this instantly when it was released. I was playing Sniper Ghost before this. When I installed it and first few level I was annoyed. I think the house of death thing is correct. The game is just made purposely and does not has a proper gameplay. The developer even failed to add proper graphics so that atleast we can play for few hours. I think AVATAR was quiet better than this.

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    Re: RAMBO pc games is worst as it was expected

    I skipped to Angry Birds after playing Rambo. I was quiet angry and thought Angry Bird will suit my mood. My friend has this game. He called to me play the multiplayer mode. I played a few starting levels. But that did not helped much. The game was really boring. Angry Bird is quiet interested compared to this one. I hope the next edition of this game will be far more better and they would atleast fix the face. It like made of stone.

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    Re: RAMBO pc games is worst as it was expected

    I was a bit lucky about this game. I went online to check out some review. I found many gamers had called this game really ugly and made out of poor game mechanism. Looks like this was developed in china. I am also expecting something better in the coming edition. There is no news on that. They must go slow and give a good game. I am a huge Rambo fan. This game just ruin the movie theme. It looks like a huge waste to me.

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    Re: RAMBO pc games is worst as it was expected

    I wonder if the console version will be any better.

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