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Thread: New upcoming games for 3DS and PS Vista

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    New upcoming games for 3DS and PS Vista

    I had not seen any new games coming for Nintendo 3DS and PS Vista. This two portable consoles are getting low day by day. I do not think people today look much interested in buying this one. Also the gaming companies are not releasing any new title for this. They are concentrating more on the pc and gaming console. There might be some games for PS Vita, but there is no chance of having anything for Nintendo 3DS.

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    Re: New upcoming games for 3DS and PS Vista

    There are a few games coming up for Nintendo 3DS. It is right that slowly the gaming console is losing its important. People are more enjoying to play on consoles and pc. Bravely Default is a new game which is going to go form 3DS soon.

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    Re: New upcoming games for 3DS and PS Vista

    I know a few games which are going to be release soon for PS Vita. The first one is Rainbow Moon. This is a RPG game. The game offer a strategy based
    gameplay good enough to keep you engage for hours. The second one is Doki-Doki Universe. This is a good game coming up for kids. This game is also available for the new PS4. The game features a nice game-play environment suitable for all ages.The games is designed to explore the concept of humanity. It has a very unique gameplay. I think this game must be played once atleast by all. You can go through different planets on this and meet various characters. And if you are looking for a adventure game then checkout for Stick it to The Man Vita. So there are some good titles which are going to release soon. Some might comes this month while some will come in the next year.

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    Re: New upcoming games for 3DS and PS Vista

    There are very few games. I had seen the frequency of game releases for ps vita and Nintendo 3ds is declining day by day. Portable platform are not much considered as playing games no other consoles is far more better.

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