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Thread: When Beyond Two Souls is coming for pc

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    When Beyond Two Souls is coming for pc

    When Beyond Two Souls is coming on PC. The game is only released for consoles. Even GTA 5 is not yet released on PC. This are some of the best games which pc users are missing. Compare to that we have games blindly for gaming consoles. It is not affordable to keep both the things. I have a high end gaming pc which I a using from long time for playing games and it works really well. I had just started playing Battlefield 4.

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    Re: When Beyond Two Souls is coming for pc

    There is no news on that. The game is not planned to release for PC. I think the game company will take the next 1 year to provide this game for pc. I am still not able to figure out why gaming companies does not release a game on different platforms.

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    Re: When Beyond Two Souls is coming for pc

    This thing is due to piracy. You know that whenever a new game is released on pc it is cracked and distributed on torrents. Many people play those pirated games only. Due to which gaming developer does not prefer to go with pc platform. That is the reason why we don't get GTA 5 for pc. They will provide but after a long time. Once the game recovered all its cost and earn a good profit, then it will be re-released on the pc. At that point piracy does not matters a lot. But when a fresh games is released in the market and when it is provided for different platforms, then there are maximum chances of piracy. There is no way to control this. Once the game is out on torrent is distributed worldwide. You can find almost all popular game on it. In future we might get some kind of powerful piracy control thing that can allow gaming company to release games on all platforms.

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    Re: When Beyond Two Souls is coming for pc

    It is a very nice game and yet there is no detail available on the same. I had asked for the same on official support and they had not replied. It looks the game developer is not interested in offering this game for pc platform.

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