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Thread: Blood of the Werewolf crashes to desktop

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    Blood of the Werewolf crashes to desktop

    I just bought this new game Blood of the Werewolf after checking its cool gameplay on youtube. After downloading and installing the game when I am trying to launch it then I am getting a black screen and then it will immediately crash to desktop. I have the HD 7000 series graphics card with the latest driver version. Is there anyone who can solve this issue for me? Thanks

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    Re: Blood of the Werewolf crashes to desktop

    There might some problem with the video files in the game which is not loading at the time of launching the game. I would recommend you to go to the SteamInstallFolder>/SteamApps/common/Blood of the Werewolf/bin/Movies and here you will find some video files in WMV format. Just try to play this videos in your computer in Windows Media Player and see if it is working. If not then you can remove this files and then try to launch the game.

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    Re: Blood of the Werewolf crashes to desktop

    I am facing a completely different problem. When I start this game then the background in this game goes white. I am running Windows 7 on my computer with 4gb ram and GTX 550 graphics card. I havent changed any setting and it is kept on default also. I even tried to reinstall the game but it didnt work. Does anyone know a solution for this problem? Thanks

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    Re: Blood of the Werewolf crashes to desktop

    Can you try to launch the game in Windowed mode and check if that works. If that doesnt work then do you get any kind of error message? As a troubleshooting method try to launch the Nvidia Control Panel and then put the Antialiasing mode on application controlled and turn off the Triple buffering and also use vertical sync 3d application setting. Check the difference now.

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