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Thread: red screen while playing Battlefield 4

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    red screen while playing Battlefield 4

    I am using a Asus P5Q motherboard with HD 6870 graphics card. I have installed the latest version of the driver for the video card and Windows 8 is also upto date. After installing Battlefield 4 in my pc, I have noticed that after completing a round the screen will turn red for some seconds and then my computer will reboot? Can anyone tell me how to solve this problem? Thanks

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    Re: red screen while playing Battlefield 4

    Are you using the Windows 8 64bit edition of the operating system because it is recommended by their developer Dice. Or else try to install the latest 13.11 Beta v7 driver for the graphics card. If still it doesnt work for you then it could be Windows 8 OS problem and you will have to move back to Windows 7 and play the game on it.
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    Re: red screen while playing Battlefield 4

    Can you tell us whether you are using 2 video cards? I was facing this same problem after I updated the drivers and noticed that my Crossfire had turned itself off. The other thing that you can do is try to change the video card fan profile to speed up. Also, Red Screen of death is not an Operating System problem but a graphics card issue.

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    Re: red screen while playing Battlefield 4

    Well, most of the people who are getting this problem seems to be having an AMD graphics card and Windows 8 running on their machine. For rest of others, the game is working great. So either it could be a problem with Windows 8 or Amd has to release a newer driver to fix this problem. As for some troubleshooting, try to go to the GPU Control Panel and then disable 3D if it is enabled there and then try to play the game.

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