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Thread: save manually in How to Survive game?

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    save manually in How to Survive game?

    After checking the gameplay of How to Survive game I immediately went to Steam and purchased it. So, after installing it I launched the game and started playing it. I must admit that the game is really wonderful but one thing that is bugging me is that I cannot save manually in this game? Is the game using automatic checkpoints or is there any settings? Thanks

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    Re: save manually in How to Survive game?

    That is a common problem with many games. I had bought Saint Rows IV recently which has the same thing. You cannot save the game from the place where you want. It has checkpoint and the next time when you start playing it beings from that place. The same issue lies with Sniper Ghost Warrior. If there is a save option available then it is directly reflected in the game menu.

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    Re: save manually in How to Survive game?

    I am facing a totally different problem where the saved progress is disappearing for this game. If I am playing the game then all teh autosaved progress can be viewed and I can continue playing from the last save point. But when I quit the game and start it again then all the saved progress is lost and I have to again start from 0% story? Does anyone know where is the save game location of How to Survive game?

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    Re: save manually in How to Survive game?

    I have heard that How to Survive game uses autosave system. I played this game for atleast 5 hours and quit and started it at the same level. Also on another note, you need to run back to the boar and travel back to save game and then follow up either exiting the game or playing through. Although this work around is kind of ridiculous but there is no option left.

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    Re: save manually in How to Survive game?

    This seems to create a very bad impression for the game which is not letting the gamer to save their progress and using only checkpoint save system. Even I dont completely understand when does the game save actually. I emailed the game developers and they told me that there are working for a fix so that we can save manually in this game.

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