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Thread: Gameplay of Beyond: Two Souls game on PS3

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    Gameplay of Beyond: Two Souls game on PS3

    Beyond Two Souls is a new game released recently. I had seen the trailer. It does not tell much. I am looking for a detailed gameplay information from those who actually played it. I want to buy this game, but before that it is better to get a bit information on what it offers. I had recently purchased Saint Rows 4 and has lots of high expectation from the same. But it fell. Because this games looks a mixture of other old games.

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    re: Gameplay of Beyond: Two Souls game on PS3

    It is a action adventure game with a good story line. You will surely like it. The best way to find about gameplay is to checkout a video. Which can tell you more. It has a distinct story which is really great.

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    re: Gameplay of Beyond: Two Souls game on PS3

    The game is unique. It has amazing storyline. I will say it is a slow pace game. At some point you have to find certain things. This game has a more realistic approach. Also the game is loaded with different mini games through which you can earn more extra stuff. It is a physiological thriller. So those who had already played or playing a fast pace game will not like it much. AT some point there are twist which are really impressive. The whole game is like watching a real movie. AT some point the game makes a turn by using those supernatural power. The developer tries to mix many thing in this also tried to keep thing separate. The best way to understand how it really works is by watching some videos on the gameplay. This will properly tell you the twist and turn in the same. This is a must to have game for the year.

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    re: Gameplay of Beyond: Two Souls game on PS3

    This game got good ratings. So there is nothing to much talk about it. I am not having console, due to which I cannot buy the same. I found the gameplay impressive. I saw some videos on the same o YouTube. I hope this game is really good.

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    re: Gameplay of Beyond: Two Souls game on PS3

    I was going through different review which would tell me about the game. It is not so complicated but look great enough. It is right that the game is simply build upon a movie. It is like you are playing inside a on going movie. The developer took lot more detailing while making it and it still goes well. It is made on motion capture technology. You can see the characters in it are so real. But I was expecting a bit fast paced gaming here. This is what it lacks. This game is more like a drama. Means you are engaged with the character who is going away with some kind of physic disorder. It has long cinematic videos and some part is just engaged is discussion. I had great expectation for this game.

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