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Thread: how to get Xbox controller working in Arma 3

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    how to get Xbox controller working in Arma 3

    I am able to play Arma 3 properly with the keyboard but if I am trying to play this game with my Xbox controller then it is not working properly as it should. More specifically I am not able to use the LT and RT buttons on the controller? Can anyone tell me how do I get these buttons to work? Thanks for any help in advance

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    Re: how to get Xbox controller working in Arma 3

    Have you mapped it to fire, then it will work properly. Also do you use the Arma default controller or have you mapped anything on your own? I think that it will be good for you to map the buttons which will work right. There are also too many stuff to map and it also lets you define the modifier button.

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    Re: how to get Xbox controller working in Arma 3

    The problem with Arma is that this game was never meant to be played with a gamepad and it is not possible to do anything that this game requires you to do with the gamepad. So, you will get only limited controller support in this game. However you might be able to design a profile for the controller that can suit your playing style.

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    Re: how to get Xbox controller working in Arma 3

    Even after setting the profile for the controller we will not get the proper accuracy and the speed that we get with the mouse. Also to open the inventory you will always require the mouse and keyboard at you side if you play with the controller. There is some third party application like Xpadder that will help you to get different sets on the controller.

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