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Thread: Looking for some free good graphics games

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    Looking for some free good graphics games

    Is there any place on web available from where I can download free games. I am talking about good graphic games. Whichever I had seen are paid. I am selling of my pc and the person is asking me to give me some good hd games on it. There is on specific requirement. It can be anything. I am having Counter Strike with me. That is quiet common. Is there any site on web which offers free games.

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    Re: Looking for some free good graphics games

    I think Microsoft Flight will be good enough. When we talk about best or high end games then there are hardly any choice available. All are paid. Microsoft Flight is a old game which you can download for free.

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    Re: Looking for some free good graphics games

    The best game I think is Team Fortress. This is not a old game. You can get this from steam. You just have to create a account and you can download the same. If you are a regular steam user then you can simply find many free games on it.Most of them are demo but still good enough. Team Fortress is a online mutlplayer game. You will need internet connection for that. The game offers you fast paced shooting output. You have to kill the opponent at all condition and then the game goes well. Being a online game you can simply configure it and it works fine. There are different set of weapons available. Due to online feature this games does not comes with any additional levels or features. It is a straight fps game loaded with good graphics and action. You can checkout a demo no YouTube to get more ideal about the gameplay. I am still playing this game. Team Fortress 2 is a free 2 play game. The game has a set of different character class. You can choose to be one of them. Playing it under co-op mode is far more better then playing it on solo.

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    Re: Looking for some free good graphics games

    It is a fps game. I think compare to that Counter Strike is bit more realistic. In terms of free game you can only get demos from team. But if you love mmo games then you can go for Planetside 2. This is a long open world game with many new things.

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    Re: Looking for some free good graphics games

    Under free you can mostly find mmo games. War Thunder is one of them. If you love battle games then this one is a good choice. Being a free game you can play and compete with different players. The game is based on air battle. That means you will be in different planes fighting with the enemies. The game is loaded with great graphics. There are multiple missions. It has a set of different location where you can move ahead and fight. Mmo games offer you a huge open world with set of various location and upgrades. There is a different storyline in every. You just have to download it in your pc and start playing. You will also need to create a account and requires a active internet connection.While others are paid. Rightnow I think the new version of Saint Row in rocking. This game is cool and offers you unique gameplay. I had not yet tested this one. I am looking for the demo here. I think there must be some kind of old sale option by gaming companies. They should keep the old games on sale at very low price. That will allow everyone to get a genuine copy instead of looking on torrent sites.

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