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Thread: Splinter Cell Blacklist is not playable on pc

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    Splinter Cell Blacklist is not playable on pc

    The Splinter Cell Blacklist game is installed fine on my pc but after playing for a while I noticed that I am not even getting a 25fps in the game. I have also tried to play the game on the lowest settings but still I can climb upto 40fps max. All drivers for my GTX 560 Ti video card is upto date and I also have 4gb of ram with i5 core processor. What is wrong with this game?

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    Re: Splinter Cell Blacklist is not playable on pc

    Even after turning off a lot of graphics options in the game, nothing will change unless the game is properly optimized for the graphics card that you are using. There are many software that can help you sort out this problem, once such is called Game Booster that will shut down Windows Processes that are not needed and thus will free up some RAM as well.
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    Re: Splinter Cell Blacklist is not playable on pc

    There was a fix given for Splinter Cell Blacklist that affects some players. The fix was to go to this location - C:\Users\yournamehere\Documents\Ubisoft\Blacklist\videoSettings.ini and change the "WindowStyleFinal=1" option to either 0 or 2. It was also said to change the below settings:

    0 = Windowed
    1 = Fullscreen (default)
    2 = Windowed Fullscreen

    After doing this, check if you are still facing the problem or not.

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    Re: Splinter Cell Blacklist is not playable on pc

    I dont think that 4gb of RAM is not much if you want to run this game on Windows 7 or Windows 8 at ultra settings or maximum settings. You should get atleast 6gb of RAM to get more from the game. Also there is no need for overclocking of the CPU, just play this game on stock settings of the processor and it will work fine for you.

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