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Thread: Saints Row 4 crashes every now and then

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    Saints Row 4 crashes every now and then

    After installing Saints Row 4 on my pc, it runs properly but even after that the game crashes everytime. When ever I am doing anything like running on the street, interacting with anyone or getting into the car, this game will crash. I have all the updated drivers for my graphics card GTX 660ti with the latest Windows update? What could be the problem with so much of crashing? Any ideas

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    Re: Saints Row 4 crashes every now and then

    Are you sure that you have the latest graphics driver for your video card, just try to get into the Nvidia settings and download it from there. Its been almost 5 hours I have been playing Saints Row 4 without any crash, the fact is that I am not even noticing any glitches. On the other hand I remember too much of crashing in its previous version of the game. To conclude I am still using the nvidia driver version 314.07 which is quite old.

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    Re: Saints Row 4 crashes every now and then

    I was only thinking that getting the latest driver which is upto date in the market fixes the issue rather than using the older driver? And if the game is still having some problems with the newest driver then does not it means that the problem is with the game itself. For the crash fix I dont think even using the latest or some older graphics drivers are going to work. Only when game developers will release patch then this issue will be fixed.

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    Re: Saints Row 4 crashes every now and then

    Yes, I also believe that drivers are not the problem. The gaming problem related to the crashing might be also happening due to overheating of the video card or other components which is noticed many times. It is also possible that the game might not be optimized for nvidia drivers. Try to increase the GPU processing time by adjusting the Timeout Detection and Recovery registry value and see if that helps, read how to do that from here -

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