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Thread: Grand Theft Auto 5 vs Saint Row 4

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    Grand Theft Auto 5 vs Saint Row 4

    I am played all the series of Saints Row and Grand Theft Auto on my pc but the most favourite out of them for me is Grand Theft Auto series. After checking out the youtube videos of GTA 5 it looks to be much more cooler than it was previously and improved with different gameplay as well. On the other hand Saints Row is also a fun type game and quite unique on its own. Which one do you think will be the best in this series?

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    Re: Grand Theft Auto 5 vs Saint Row 4

    I think that GTA 5 looks much better than Saints Row 4 but yeah the latter game is also fun at times. Also, as you may have noted, Rockstar company has still not said anything about releasing GTA 5 on pc. Although a petition has made and more than 3 lakh people have signed the petition, Rockstar is still numb on its pc release. Either ways I am also looking to get my hands on Watch Dogs which is quite different game.

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    Re: Grand Theft Auto 5 vs Saint Row 4

    Well, I will be playing both the games. GTA was one of the first game that I have played on my PC and hence I like it very much. I also like Saint Row since it is kind of game that makes us relax and have fun all the time. I am just excited to get hands on both the game and both games looks amazing in their own way. Also, since GTA 5 has no pc release date so Saint Row 4 would be a good choice to start now.

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    Re: Grand Theft Auto 5 vs Saint Row 4

    Saints Row 4 is announced unfortunately not as a revolution, or even a graphic evolution, but the final game can be surprisingly positive on this point. The most notable points of Saints Row 4 concerning the scenario or the context of the game is the addition to being the boss of the Saints, you will now be President of the United States. There is no doubt that grand theft auto 5 will be much better than Saints Row 4 but still it will be quite enjoyable.

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