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Thread: Poor graphics of Ride to Hell: Retribution

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    Poor graphics of Ride to Hell: Retribution

    I am playing Rid to Hell: Retribution on my PC. I saw the trailer that looks really impressive. But after installing the action edition I found it extremely dull. The game has so poor graphics. It reminds me more of RoadRash. It is the only flaw of the game. I think bike racing games are really outdated fashion. There are hardly any new game I had seen in recent years. This look to be the first one.

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    Re: Poor graphics of Ride to Hell: Retribution

    Yes, bike racing games are simply outdated. No one is making games on that. If you are looking for a cool game them wait back for GTA 5. It has everything. It has racing stuff, adventure, action, etc. It is a mixed open world game with huge story line.

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    Re: Poor graphics of Ride to Hell: Retribution

    I use to play Moto GP long before. It is now boring. Comparison to that Ride to Hell: Retribution is bit better. But really the graphics are pathetic. They are so poor and outdated. In trailer it really look great. I was expecting something more on it. The game simply rotates around racing. In that you can kick the other racer also. I do not think this would be impressive enough to stick us playing for long time. Also there is no specific storyline available in the game. Above all the cinematic is so pathetic. I played this after Remember Me and I am really so angry on this. I was good with MotoGP. I hope in future we can get some good bike racing game with a different storyline. Just racing is simply boring. There must be something like GTA which is has ample of things to discover. I had not yet played GTA5 but will surely go for it. I think the new edition will be more better than the older one.

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    Re: Poor graphics of Ride to Hell: Retribution

    Ride to Hell: Retribution has poor gameplay. The game story is not good, nor it has something catchy. Overall output of this game will not satisfy you. It is better you stick with some other game.

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    Re: Poor graphics of Ride to Hell: Retribution

    I think still we have ample of racing games available in the market. Rid to Hell is just a poorly designed game due to which many are not happy with it. According to me Moto GP3 is the best game for bike racing. It does not give you thrill but if you are just a racing crazy fan then it is good. I am having all collection of Moto GP and I play whenever I want. After this game I did not find any game which was so worth enough in terms of bike racing. While for car racing we have many options. I had seen manufacturer after a time interval releases car racing game with more interactive gameplay and story line. I found MotoGP more realistic.

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