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Thread: Game like From Dust for Windows

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    Game like From Dust for Windows

    I am looking for a game which is similar From Dust. It is a great game that I had played long time ago. I was just cleaning my system where I found the setup file of this game. I played it back. I loved this game. I am looking for a similar game. I tried to search on Google where I found Journey. But it is not available for Windows, it is only available on PS. Can anyone help me to locate games similar to From Dust.

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    Re: Game like From Dust for Windows

    No there is no similar game available. From Dust is aware wining game that is really awesome and unique. I also enjoyed the game lot. But the publisher has not gone for the next version. They must go for a new version.

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    Re: Game like From Dust for Windows

    I am also looking for the same thing. From Dust is really awesome game with unique story. I was really broke when I saw so few levels. There is a single chapter only. I thought there will be many. The game offers great pre-historic simulation environment which teaches us a bit of earths formation. It is more than 2 years now and there is no update available on the game. Nor there is any info available that would tell us about any new version. The game is simply great. Now if we try to find a similar game then someone suggested me Black and White. This game is not completely like From Dust, it is quiet different. But addictive. If you play this game after From Dust, then you will surely like it.It is more vast and requires more planing. It is just like creating your own village, harvesting resources and protecting it on the same time. The game also offers you a bit of god like power to you. You act as god in the game where people around you will worship and do what you want. Depending on your action you can create flourishing environment for the people. It is really unfortunate not to have journey for PC. It is an awesome game. I got chance to play the same o my friends pc for sometime. The games offers you a very distinct approach. You must checkout a gameplay video.

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    Re: Game like From Dust for Windows

    From Dust comes under a specific genre. On that basis you can find other games also. It comes under God Game series. And this is really weird that we are having a very few set of games under it. I think From Dust is one of the best among all. I had found some games that might exist to some extent. The one that I am trying to play is Spore. This game is based on evolution. You have to create a set of creatures that can simply evolve after time. The game is too slow I think. First few levels are extremely easy and addictive to play. But later on when you are on the ground things become more and more complicated. While the other game that you will really enjoy is Black and White. There is a new edition also available which more new characters and features. You have to create a virtual environment in this game so that people must worship you and you have a creature also to protect the villagers. This are the only games which looks great to me. If you love extreme simulation game then you can try SIMS.

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