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Thread: Is Deadpool game having good storyline and worth it?

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    Is Deadpool game having good storyline and worth it?

    I am planning to buy Deadpool game. I had seen the trailer that looks a bit impressive. But I do not want to purchase something like God Among Us. The game lacks a good story line. Is Deadpool a good game. Has anyone played it till know. I need a short feed back on the same and hope that the game is really worth enough to buy. What I found is a different tactics of combat in it and hope to get a good output from the same.

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    Re: Is Deadpool game having good storyline and worth it?

    You can get more overview on the gameplay by watching a walkthrough video on YouTube.There are ample of videos available on the web that can guide you how the game actually is. It is based on a superhero Deadpool who has skill in martial arts and swords. You can use some superhuman abilities also here.

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    Re: Is Deadpool game having good storyline and worth it?

    I find the game impressive. I played a few levels of start that were great. The game deals with a central character Deadpool who has some special skills to deal with enemies. Here you can fight wigh guns and swords. There are plenty of level and a good story line that keeps you engage. The game has a new stylish way of fighting with the enemies. Deadpool is not a famous character like Batman or Spiderman. But yet you will get a bit distinctive gameplay. The game is divided into a set of chapters with objectives to full fill. Every level you clear gives you improvement in abilities. The game is not slow also. It is a fast pace game with some touch of strategy also. Somehow I found the costume here really weird. I thought this game character might have some more better style and costume. I was expecting a bit more adventure here. But to some extent the game fits well on requirements. I found it enough competitive also. It looks a bit more experimental to me. But really it is fun to play this game.

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    Re: Is Deadpool game having good storyline and worth it?

    I also liked it. It is a bit different. It has mixture of different stuff over others. You are not just playing a straight forward fighting game. The story lines looks to be working really well. And it gets more interesting after each level.

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    Re: Is Deadpool game having good storyline and worth it?

    If you are looking something like Saint Row or better than that then you can checkout Deadpool. The game is based on a similar story line where you have to keep on killing enemies and loaded with some kind of insanity also. The game looks like a pack of complete entertaining feature to me. The character also has a teleportation device through which it can travel to short distance easily. It looks some abilities of this characters are taken from others. There are few set of dodge skills where you can save the character from instant attacks. So those looks to be common. I was expecting more finishing here. Somehow in terms of fighting the game stands really well against other. Or better to stay it is bit more advance. The game is designed into set of different levels where you have fight as well as accomplish some objectives. I think those who loves action adventure will surely find the game really competitive. It is something refreshing in terms of story line and some added in the humor makes it more better.

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