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Thread: Missing textures in Deadpool game

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    Missing textures in Deadpool game

    I had installed Deadpool on my system. When I launched it, the output looks a bit blurry. I am playing it on maximum settings, and as per my system configuration. I think this game will surely work well. I am having Core 2 Duo processor with 4GB ram and 2GB graphic card. So to some extent the system looks enough capable of giving out great performance in terms of gaming. I had played many new games on it. But only Deadpool is giving trouble. It is simply not working well. In between when I play sometime the game lags while sometime the texture output is very dull.

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    Re: Missing textures in Deadpool game

    Just remove the game and install it back again. That will fix the job. I also got the same kind of issue with many games. Sometime there are artifacts on the screen and it looks really annoying. After re-installing the game goes well.

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    Re: Missing textures in Deadpool game

    Try to update your gpu drivers. Such issue are common when you are playing games on old driver update. If you are having a Nvidia gpu then in the system tray you can see a tiny icon. Right click on that and click on update. The same is application for amd also. New drivers might be around 140mb or lower but really required for gaming performance. Try to reduce the game resolution settings once and then test back. You can try to play the same at mid range settings. Like keeping a standard resolution and all other settings at medium. That might improve the output. The second thing you have to do is turn of all the background services. Like any program, antivirus scan or download. Just turn them off and then test back. Games works well when your entire system resource is free. Games like Deadpool are resource demanding. They also need a new gpu that is loaded with new texture technology. But I think putting it on minimum settings will surely fix the issue. The game will be more responsive and perform better. So this are things you need to check and then launch the game back. Find the proper video driver update first and then only go ahead with any changes.

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    Re: Missing textures in Deadpool game

    Yes just update your gpu drivers. That will fix the job. The game is not having any bug here. I am also playing the game. I having a 1GB nvidia 630m gpu on my laptop where it works really well without giving any problem. I keep the game at mid settings which goes without much issue.

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    Re: Missing textures in Deadpool game

    Poor texture quality can be due to ample of reason. The first and the most common is mentioned above. It is due to outdated drivers. You have to update your system with new one and then test back. The highest resolution you keep the more your gpu has to work. While the lowest you keep the system will give more better output. Which surely affects visibility but somehow improves the performance. Sometime old graphic cards does not support the new technology used by the video game. Like physx or anti-aliasing that also affect the output. So it is better to disable the same for time being. Re-installing is the easiest option here, but if that also does not work then go for the drivers update. Inside the game settings you can find ample of options to modify the video output. You can go with a reasonable stuff so that you can also enjoy the game and get a lag free performance. Or else this kind of issue will keep on appearing.

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