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Thread: Gunpoint game for Mac

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    Gunpoint game for Mac

    I recently checked out this new Gunpoint game that was available on Steam for as low as $10. After looking at some gameplay videos, I think this game seems to be very cool and also got good strategy as well. I was wondering if this Gunpoint game is going to be available for Macbook or can be played on mac? I think it will be a good idea to port it on mac as well. Thanks.

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    Re: Gunpoint game for Mac

    Tom Fancis who was the developer and writer of this Gunpoint game, already hit its main goal for the game from preorders. Because of the sales going up recently, the developer says that he will port Gunpoint to a new Game Maker Studio from where it can be released for Mac and Linux as well. So, in the near future we will see a release of this game for different operating system also.

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    Re: Gunpoint game for Mac

    Well, you can obviously install Bootcamp and use Windows 7 on your Macbook and play on it. Since this game is very basic, you do not require a powerful pc to play the game. Infact you can use Bootcamp to play any games on Macbook computer. Because most of the game developers do not make games for Mac and Linux, most of these software are very much hepful for playing games on mac and linux.

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    Re: Gunpoint game for Mac

    Yes, even I am playing Gunpoint game on my macbook with the help of Bootcamp and it is working just fine. Either ways, I was having some problem with my mouse. To fix this issue, I restarted Mac and then logged in the mac portion. After that I went to bootcamp assistance and then checked the option called "download the latest windows support software from apple" and saved it on a usb. After that I restarted mac and went to Windows portion and opened my usb from my computer and then run the files that I got from bootcamp. After restarting the computer, it started working again.

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