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Thread: Grid 2 multiplayer crash

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    Grid 2 multiplayer crash

    I have really wasted my mony buying Grid 2 game. I am able to play the single player mode without any problem but whenever I try to play multiplayer then the game crashes everytime. Actually, the game connects and when the green color is given to start the race then the crashing begins with all the cars. Is it happening due to low ping rates from players that are connecting across the world or due to game bug? Any ideas how to solve this issue? Thanks.

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    Re: Grid 2 multiplayer crash

    Dont you know that you can turn off the crashing settings in the game options. Also you can even try to host the game from your end and invite friends/players to play Grid 2 in multiplayer mode. I have checked out the reviews for this game as well and everywhere people have noted its multiplayer very good. You should first start learn through the tutorial and then perform the real racing.

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    Re: Grid 2 multiplayer crash

    Playing Multiplayer online is the most important part of the racing game and without it you will get bored once you have finished the career or single player mode. Also you wont be playing the single player mode every now and then but will play multiplayer with online players for some years or so. The best thing that I loved about this game is its fully customizable championships.

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    Re: Grid 2 multiplayer crash

    It could be bad driving of other people in the multiplayer that you are joining in. You need to join a group that like to race fair and you will definitely see the difference. So, try to join different group of friends and you will finally have a real race for yourself. Most of the other racing game out there got people who dont drive clean at all. I usually dont like to take off when the green light is given but I wait for a chance and then make my move to avoid the crashing.

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