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Thread: D3D9 error while launching Remember Me game

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    D3D9 error while launching Remember Me game

    This game Remember Me has been installed properly in my system but I am getting some D3D9 error upon launching the game? I have checked the configuration files and the resolution values and all seems fine but still this game wont launch at all. All the settings for language and DirectX are properly installed but still I am getting the same error message? How should I start this game properly without the error, please help me? Thanks.

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    Re: D3D9 error while launching Remember Me game

    You need to change the resheight and reswidth for a file called ExampleAdriftGfxConfig similar to the desktop resolution that you are using. To find this file you need to navigate to the path :
    C:computername/documents/my games/unrealengine3/remembermegame/config.

    The Remember Me game is launching fine for me without the D3D9 error. Try it out for yourself and see if it works for you as well.

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    Re: D3D9 error while launching Remember Me game

    Well, the d3d9 error looks to be some sort of DirectX error. Have you made sure that you are using the proper directx version for this game? There might be a folder in the game from where you will find its directx setup file, it should be most probably in this location - Remember Me\REDIST\DirectX folder; just try to install it and after the installation is done, check whether you get the same error or not after starting the game. If still no go, then update to the latest graphics driver for your video card.

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    Re: D3D9 error while launching Remember Me game

    Well, if nothing is working for you, then you can try to change the reolsution of the game and play it in Windowed Mode, but to do that you there is some file that you need to open to change it without opening the game, which I dont know perhaps. The game may be not accpeting the new resolution settings that you have set on your monitor, so thats why you are getting the error. Either check the launch options or the engine configuration to find out the settings for Windowed Mode.

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