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Thread: Resident Evil Revelations for mac available

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    Resident Evil Revelations for mac available

    I dont know why but many game publishers just ignore making games for Mac computers? There are many Mac users now a days but they dont even give a hint to release these types of games or any other high titled game on the mac pc's? It is time that Capcom should realize that there are enough Mac users in this world, who should also get a chance to play releases like Resident Evil Revelations? I wonder if Capcom is ever going to release this game on Mac computer?

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    Re: Resident Evil Revelations for mac available

    I agree that game developers should develop game for mac platforms as well. But there are many options for running pc gmes on macs. You can use Boot Camp, that can be used to run copy of Windows on the Mac Intel hardware but you will have to restart to switch between Mac OS X and Windows operating system for that.

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    Re: Resident Evil Revelations for mac available

    If the console games like this Resident Evil Revelations can be ported on pc, which was actually made years ago on some gaming console, then why cant it be made on Mac based computers. We are living in the 2000 era and not in the old age 90's era and with the growing technology, people are using many high tech computers and such to fullfill their joy's and happiness. It is really disappointing that Capcom is not supporting Mac consumers at all.

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    Re: Resident Evil Revelations for mac available

    I dont want to take anyone's side, but there are many emulators like VMWare Fusion or Parallels that can let you play pc games on Mac based computers. But there are some issues when connecting devices such as keyboard or mouse, perhaps, with it. You can also choose Wine that maintains a Windows compatibility layer upon which Windows programs can try and run on but there are some games that do require DLL files that come from windows and sometimes they are available from different sites and sometimes not.

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