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Thread: Resident Evil 6 bug at chapter 4 with Leon dying

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    Resident Evil 6 bug at chapter 4 with Leon dying


    I recently bought this new game Resident Evil 6 for PC. I have a good gaming rig and I am playing this game on high settings without any graphics issue. There is only one problem that I am facing right now. Right now I am playing Leon Campaign chapter 4. I am at a place where we are chasing Ada Wong and then a cutscene begins where Leon and Chris start fighting. But after as soon as the cutscene is over, the game starts and Leon dies immediately. No matter whether I restart the same chapter or reinstall the game, I am stuck at the same level. So, is there anyone who has fixed this problem?
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    Re: Resident Evil 6 bug at chapter 4 with Leon dying

    There are lots of people who are facing this same issue and Capcom has not come up with any kind of solution. Some people are saying that we need to exit the game and then restart the chapter with select menu and then select 4-5 train, but where is this menu. Since we have not completed the 4-4 mission of this game where leon dies infinitely, so how can we jump to the next part without completing it?

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    Re: Resident Evil 6 bug at chapter 4 with Leon dying

    I have almost completed the 3 chapter of Resident Evil 6 game. So, as per my thinking, since many people are facing this issue, should I play the Chris Campaign first to avoid this bug because since Chris and Leon meet up at the 4th chapter of Leon Campaign, then there might be some mechanism between both the campaigns that should let us play the game in sequence wise or so. Anyways, its just a thought and there is no harm done till the game gets fixed.

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    Re: Resident Evil 6 bug at chapter 4 with Leon dying

    Hey, how do we restart the game with chapter select menu and choose 4-5 train mission? I tried getting in the chapter selection menu but there is no option to select this train mission? It might someone who has completed this game can directly select the mission that he wants and then he can skip through chapters in this game.

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