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Thread: How to defeat the final boss of Dead Space 3

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    How to defeat the final boss of Dead Space 3

    How to defeat the final boss of Dead Space 3. I am playing this game with my friend but stuck on the last level. The zombies keep on killing. I shoot the boss blindly but it looks very tough. Is there some special place where I have to shoot and bring him down instantly.

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    Re: How to defeat the final boss of Dead Space 3

    That is a weird big creature. You have to begin shooting on eye. There is a yellow glowing body part where you have to aim and keep on shooting. It would take sometime to bring him down finally. The boss is quiet tough to kill. And at the end I hope you would be able to keep ample of ammo safe with you. I had cleared all the levels. I was not expecting this one at the end. I was wondering that there will be something much better. But the boss was easy to bring down. You will loose at some level but when you on playing that again and again at the end you can get rid of the same. I am quiet not satisfied with the weapons in the game. It looks a bit worthless. Because the boss does not die soon. There must be more devastating weapons or there must be something more. The ending is very dull.

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    Re: How to defeat the final boss of Dead Space 3

    Try some videos on Youtube. There you can find out information and gameplay video of how to kill the final boss. I was watching the same and later on I was able to end the game. It is right that those annoying zombies simply trouble you much when you keeping on killing them.

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    Re: How to defeat the final boss of Dead Space 3

    I am confused at the end. I played the game but still not able to identify the right plot. What as the game about. Is it about stopping some alien invasion on earth. I thought this would be much better. Compared to this one the older version were better. The ending is much more similar. In the last one there is a same kind of creature to which you have to shoot. It looks the game developer has just modified the old version and created a new out of it. I do not understand why they did not change the same. They put some better ending making it more interesting. After playing this one I am not really willing to buy the upcoming version of the same.

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    Re: How to defeat the final boss of Dead Space 3

    The game lacks a good excitement. If you leave the boss aside, there is still nothing in few levels that can simply make the game a bit competitive. What you can get more from it is a good combat skill but really the game lacks more on weapons part.

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