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Thread: What more you want to see in Dead Space 3

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    What more you want to see in Dead Space 3

    I am making this thread to collect suggestion from all, that what more you would like to see in Dead Space 3. After playing Dead Space 3, I found Dead Space 2 was much more better. It was having nice twist and the gameplay was far much better. But the new one looks like having lot of missing stuff. I had played the multiplayer level also and want to put something so that we can get additions in future or through dlc. Like in Multiplayer, there must be more competitive maps with mini games in it. Like locating a place, puzzles, or running for safety. A rescue mission can also be more effective.

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    Re: What more you want to see in Dead Space 3

    Did you played the entire game. It is good according to me. The game features a mixture of combat and action packed gameplay. It would be not complicated but in the game like Dead Space 3 I was expecting more devastating weapons. And in place of zombies there must be alien. If not in the entire game, atleast in the further level where you have to deall with boss. The game is straight forward with common game plot that does not interest much. While some unnecessary puzzles in the storyline makes the game a bit complicated and annoying.

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    Re: What more you want to see in Dead Space 3

    It is better if there is no glitch in the game. The game is a thriller master. There are very few chances when you can predict what can be further. It has nice output. I do not find any problem with the game. On the other hand it looks cool. I think I had almost completed a mid part. I am moving ahead to collect more stuff and checkout new weapons. My friend who played Resident Evil before did not liked this game much. I was lucky to skip that or else this gameplay would have spoiled.

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    Re: What more you want to see in Dead Space 3

    The Co-op gameplay of Dead Space 3 is not so exciting. There is less thrill in that. When you play on Single Player you are bit more satisfied and excited. In this you just keep moving in a place where you are trying to locate some stuff and the players next to you alert you instantly. The co-op player must be much more exciting. I found it relative simple. While in some games you can easily understand how better the Co-op gameplay can be. The game developer was able to add much more thing to the same.

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    Re: What more you want to see in Dead Space 3

    According to me the gameplay looks similar due to many games released in few months of same type. That is the place where it gets boring. In co-op player the excitement increases when there are more number of enemies out. While if there are few there is nothing special about it. I agree with some mini mission. That would be more better and allow you to get more excitement. While if talk about the weapons then it is also not so good. As per a futuristic type of game there must be more devastating weapons.

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