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Thread: Gameplay of Dead Space 3 looks similar to Gears of War

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    Gameplay of Dead Space 3 looks similar to Gears of War

    This would be weird. But I want to know only I am getting the same kind of feeling or others too find the same. I find the gameplay of Dead Space 3 similar to Gear of Wars. And some plot matches Resident Evil 6 also. I had played both the games before and purchased Dead Space. But was not sure that this is going to give me the same kind of stuff. Compare to that the older version were much more better and unique. I was expecting a new storyline that offers a bit different type of gameplay. Because things looks keeps on repeating after same levels.

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    Re: Gameplay of Dead Space 3 looks similar to Gears of War

    Dead Space 3 and Resident Evil 6, both are survival horror game. They have a same kind of motto. But they are two distinct games with different story line. In FPS you can find a mixture of strategy and combat.. Resident Evil was always my favorite. But the most recent edition was dis-satisfying. I changed to Dead Space 3 which found to be good to some extent. I had played through some chapters where you can find a similar kind of outlook. This thing is available in many games. The game gets interesting due to twist in it.

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    Re: Gameplay of Dead Space 3 looks similar to Gears of War

    The game has some nice moments where you can expect better combat skills. You must check out the inventory section here. According to me the game is good enough. It is a third person shooter game which was quiet in news at the time of release. But one thing that did not made me happy is the story line. It is not at all catchy. It is a bit outdated. The game has very few stuff at the beginning. I thought the weapons will be more improved. But they do not look so.

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    Re: Gameplay of Dead Space 3 looks similar to Gears of War

    It is just a mixture of Resident Evil and Gears of War. You can see both kind of gameplays in it. If you are frequent gamer then refreshing ideas like Assassins Creed, Prototype, etc are much better that changes the type of game outlook. The single player campaign might be good to some extent but if we go for the Co-op it is not so competitive. The game lacks many things which are useless to discuss know. As it is finally out and you have to stick with what it gives. Compare to that the first and second version were much more better.

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