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Thread: When Grand Theft Auto 5 is releasing and what is new in it ?

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    When Grand Theft Auto 5 is releasing and what is new in it ?

    What is the releasing date of this game ? There is no info yet provided on that. I am trying to locate the exact details, but still nothing is found. I saw a trailer, that showed quiet new look and more higher number of levels, accessories, vehicles, etc in this game. Can anyone help me to find out the details on the same. Thanks.

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    Re: When Grand Theft Auto 5 is releasing and what is new in it ?

    There is no indication on this game release. GTA 5 looks like a game of racing. There are number of new things added with rich graphic making this as one of the best upcoming game. The game is revamped entirely with many new stuff inside it. The trailer is released last year and still yet there is nothing much information provided on the same. The game has many new editions in vehicles. You can get the most latest car with tons of new events added. This thing also features a multiplayer game mode that gives the best output. I do not know for what Rockstar is waiting. The game is yet pending to release but will be great according to me. The game release date is expected in November of this month. We can hope for the final release at that time.

    The current world is more bigger and there are ample of things you can do. They had targeted many places and events in the game. You will not at all get bored in the same. GTA series provides a mixture of adventure and simulation type gameplay. Because of this it is widely played. Also there is large free world where you can roam and do number of task independently.

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    Re: When Grand Theft Auto 5 is releasing and what is new in it ?

    I am egarly waiting for the same. The current trailer that I saw just showed up a little bit of glimpse. I am sure there is number of things we can go for. The game offers more higher number of levels this time.

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    Re: When Grand Theft Auto 5 is releasing and what is new in it ?

    GTA 5 has more rich graphics. This is not at all going to work on regular system. You need a good gpu for the same. There are tons of customization features provided in the new one. I had not yet able to check the right screenshots. The last one I saw whas of a jet plane. I hope there will be more additions in the plane thing. GTA offers a open world where you can move around freely wherever you want. It also has a touch of simulation game. The screen that I saw showed a quiet better environment. Big cities and luxury clubs.

    Also we are not able to find what will be the profession of central character. GTA was hit due to thousands of customization and mods. This are not quiet possible in other games. The trailer which is on YouTube does not gives a clear information on the gameplay. There would be more task expected this time. I am sure the game is not much complicated and will come with cheat codes what we usually use in it.

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    Re: When Grand Theft Auto 5 is releasing and what is new in it ?

    I love to use tons of mods in GTA. I had every series kept with me. I am not able to get the right mod as this would be a bit complicated to install on the newer editions. There would be ample of information on it after release.

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