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Thread: While playing Battlefield 3, getting error "out of memory" with GTX 670

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    While playing Battlefield 3, getting error "out of memory" with GTX 670

    From past one week I haven’t been able to play Battlefield 3 properly. Every time I play this game I end up getting an error message saying “Out of Memory”. I am not sure where exactly the problem lies but I do know that the problem arrived from the time I installed a new GTX 670 graphics into my machine. Initially I thought that the problem might be due to its high settings as the error was related to the memory. However I managed to control the settings but nothing helped. The reason I specified the game is because I am getting the problem only with this game and not with others. When I play any other games they do run smoothly. Its only Battlefield 3 that is showing this error. Is there anyone else facing this similar problem? is it really related to the game that I am playing as the error occurs only with this game.

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    Re: While playing Battlefield 3, getting error "out of memory" with GTX 670

    I don’t think the problem is with the graphic card or something. Even I am current running from the same problem. When I got this message my first action was against the game settings. Even I thought that this game might be using up lots of memory which is showing me this error. Believing that the problem is with the game’s settings I simply turned down the settings of this game. The game resolution was lowered then the color resolution was almost bought to zero. But the error message remained the same. Then I thought the drive must have caused the problem so this time I removed all the existing drivers and reinstalled them and also I reinstalled the Battlefield 3 game. But until now nothing has showed even a single difference. Anyways at least I am now very much sure that the problem is not related to the game.

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    Re: While playing Battlefield 3, getting error "out of memory" with GTX 670

    If the problem would have been with all the games then I would have predicted your very own system as the main culprit for the problem. Sometimes it happens that the system goes out of memory and shows up the problem. With my windows 7 machine I too once suffered from the same issue. I was suggested with the exact above mentioned suggestions but nothing worked for me but then when I showed the machine to an engineer he told me that my windows 7 system memory is completely full and this is why I am not being able to run or play any game. Later on after formatting the complete system everything went on smoothly with no such similar errors.

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    Re: While playing Battlefield 3, getting error "out of memory" with GTX 670

    Are you sure the problem is just with Battle Field 3 game. Before you try out my suggestion I would like to first suggest you to verify the issue with all the game. Run all the existing game in your machine and make sure that there is no other game showing this error.
    Anyways if the error is only with BattleField 3 then do the following:

    • Search for BattleField3.exe in your computer and right click on it
    • Select Properties > properties window will be opened
    • There you will find multiple tabs, search for Compatibility
    • And within Settings just check the following option, “Disable Visual Themes”

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