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Thread: Quantum Conundrum Patch information

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    Quantum Conundrum Patch information

    I just purchased the Quantum Conundrum and installed it in my computer. After the installation was complete, I started playing the game and was very disappointed. The game started in the maximum graphics settings that my hardware can provide. So I entered the game and searched for the options for reducing the graphics settings, but couldn’t find any. I can’t even play the game as it is lagging and cannot give framerate more than 20 fps. Can someone tell me how do I change the graphic settings and adjust them to optimize fir my system? Is there any patch that will solve the problem, if not I think I have wasted money on some bad game?

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    Re: Quantum Conundrum Patch information

    There is an patch available for Quantum Conundrum which will solve all the issues related to the graphics settings and some other bugs. Many people who brought the game have complained that this game gets its resolution set to the resolution of the monitor. Due to this the game starts lagging badly. With the new patch, you will get six different resolutions for different aspect ratios. Some resolutions for uncommon aspect ratios are also available. Also option for running the game in windowed mode is provided. Many people complained that this game has heavy graphics and minimizing and then again maximizing the game leads to freezing of the game. This happens because many people switch to other softwares to view other data. So now a person can play the game in windowed mode and easily switch between various application and softwares while having the game running.

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    Re: Quantum Conundrum Patch information

    Some people who were playing Quantum Conundrum had complained about inconsistency of the game in maintaining the resolution properly. The problem that they were suffering was that resolution of the game would go back to default when there was change in the level. Some people successfully changed resolution by editing the configuration file of Quantum Conundrum, but this wouldn’t remain stable and resolution would again change back to default. Now by installing this patch, the resolution can be maintained. Once before starting the game, you have to set the resolution and it will remain saved for rest of the game. Other settings that this new patch for Quantum Conundrum will provide is the options for disabling the motion blur. Due to some graphical problems, every time motion blur started appearing on the screen, the game used to lag. I think this was because feature of motion blur was not supported by many graphic cards. But now we can disable the motion blur so that no lags are experienced.

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    Re: Quantum Conundrum Patch information

    The best part of this patch is that it provides options to change the FOV in Quantum Conundrum. The field of view that was available by default in the game was so large and uneven that it seemed we were standing on a heighted place. It also gave an unrealistic look which resulted in headaches for some people. Some people also complained of nausea and vomit like feeling. So now the developers have given a slider using which we can adjust the FOV according to our need. The values of angle of FOV that will be provided are 85, 90, 95, 100, 110, and 120. Also if you must have noticed properly, then in Quantum Conundrum the shiny objects would give a weird shiny effect. This was seen only on some hardware configurations. Option to disable the Bloom has also been provided by the developers in this patch. So now if you notice the uneven shine in the game, you can just disable it.

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    Re: Quantum Conundrum Patch information

    This game had a feature which would light up the assigned keys on the keyboard when the game was started. This feature was meant for gaming laptops and keyboards which had light enabled keys that would light up as per the game’s key bindings. But this feature would freeze the game in almost all such systems. So this patch now solves this problem too. Also the game suffered from mouse acceleration which resulted in useless movements in the game. So now options for disabling the mouse acceleration have also been provided. Some minor issues related to the soundtrack and the subtitles have also been solved. There were some spelling mistakes that have been rectified. The amount of textures and quality of models used in Quantum Conundrum’s certain levels used to cause lags in the game. So these problems have also been solved.

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    Re: Quantum Conundrum Patch information

    You will also notice that in Quantum Conundrum, the VSync was active by default. Due to this, the game used to lag in computers where there was no need of having Vsync active. With application of the new patch by developers of Quantum Conundrum, you will now find option to disable the VSync. After applying this patch in your computer, you will notice that the key bindings of the game might have change a bit. If you had set any custom controls, then they will be resettled to defaults again. If you had any changes to the config file of Quantum Conundrum, then you should revert hem back to normal. This patch will then conflict with the settings you had set in the config file. These conflicts might give bad effect in the game or might crash the game.

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