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Thread: Iron Front - Liberation 1944 game is a disappointment

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    Iron Front - Liberation 1944 game is a disappointment

    How many of you guys have played Liberation 1944 ? How did you felt about this game ? Well, for me it seems a disappointment. I even found many people with bad reviews about the game on other sites as well. Seems like most of the game dint liked it. I mean they are complaining about its graphics and game play. I was think to buy the game but all those reviews just confused me. Now can you guys put some info on this and let me decide whether should i buy it or not ?

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    Re: Iron Front - Liberation 1944 game is a disappointment

    After watching its tailor i thought this game would be like Red Orchestra 2 and hence i bought it. But I was wrong, its nowhere similar to the Red Orchestra 2. I faced many problems after installing the game such as server issues. It took me entire day to find the server for the same. As per the game play, its OK, you can atleast compare it with ArmA 2. But rest of the things are not so good, even there are few glitches while playing online.Also server wont remain stable for longer hours because of hackers. In short, game is not good but also not so bad.

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    Re: Iron Front - Liberation 1944 game is a disappointment

    How can you say the Gameplay is OK ? For me, not only the dialogues were boring but the gameplay was actually worse that I have seen. I feel that my $30 was just wasted. I have played the Armed Assault both series and also have played the Operation Flashpoint, but this game is awful. I will obviously warn other people who haven't bought this game yet but planning to buy it. Just drop the idea of buying the game, its not worth.

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