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Thread: Does Krater game supports Windows XP / DirectX 9?

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    Does Krater game supports Windows XP / DirectX 9?

    I have a computer with Windows XP as its operating system. The graphic card that I am using is an old one which is of DirectX 9 version. I was reading about Krater and I came across the specifications of the game and found that this game runs only on Windows Vista and Windows 7. Also it was mentioned that game needs graphic card compatible with DirectX 11. I watched the video of the game and didn’t find the graphics of this game of high end. They were kind of old and also of medium quality. I don’t think that this game must need such a high level of hardware. I think I must have read the maximum requirements. Can somebody tell me if Krater will run in my computer with Windows XP and graphic card with DirectX 9 drivers?

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    Re: Does Krater game supports Windows XP / DirectX 9?

    No, Krater won’t work with Windows XP and old graphic card that supports DirectX 9 graphic drivers. I know that the graphics of this game is low and not of that quality that it should demand high end graphic card and Windows 7. But according to the survey conducted by Steam, many gamers have moved on from Windows XP and have started using Windows 7. Also many people have started using high end graphic cards. This is not just for Krater, but in recent times, almost every game we see releasing in market ask for these requirements. Windows XP doesn’t have enough capacity to handle these games due to certain restrictions. The interface of Windows 7 is filled with graphical elements like small window when mouse is hovered over the minimized icon. This show how powerful Windows 7 itself is. Games nowadays need these features to operate and thus such requirements.

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    Re: Does Krater game supports Windows XP / DirectX 9?

    Come on, many people still uses Windows XP on their computers and why didn’t the developers think about this people. I myself use Windows XP. Maybe it doesn’t provide fancy graphical features like Windows 7 but it sure does give a decent performance for the games and also provides security. I think that developers of Krater must provide some patch that the Windows XP users can use to match the game’s performance. Also the graphics of Krater aren’t like Crysis 2 or Ghost Recon: Future Soldier that it needs some high end graphic card. I think that even a 512 MB graphic card of older kind should make this game work properly. I think that it must be some stunt by Steam, to make the graphic cards sell.

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    Re: Does Krater game supports Windows XP / DirectX 9?

    Fatshark, which is developer of Krater isn’t some top game developer. They have made this game properly and you can’t expect them to make it compatible with every system. Porting game from one compatibility to another needs many resources, economical, man power and time. Considering the size of the organization, I think that this is pretty good game. If you want to play this game, you can purchase new operating system and graphic card. This will work better than complaining about lack of features in the game. Also installing any one of this won’t help you to play the latest games. You don’t just upgrade graphic card as Windows XP doesn’t support many DirectX 10 graphic cards, forget DirectX 11 graphic cards. So you need to upgrade both hardware and software.

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