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Thread: Getting long initializing and stuck in Max Payne 3

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    Getting long initializing and stuck in Max Payne 3

    I just finished installing Max Payne 3 in my computer and I started to play it. After clicking on the execution file of the game, a black screen with Max Payne 3 written in big came on my screen. At the bottom of the screen was written Initialization in small font. This screen was displayed for around four to five minutes. Afterwards, another text came which said that it was attempting to connect the game to Rockstar Games Social Club. It too went on to come on my screen for next few minutes. But after this text went, I got a pop up message saying that registration to Rockstar Social Club has failed. I never had an account in Rockstar Social Club; neither did the game suggest me to have one. I made an account in Rockstar Social Club and tried again, but again the same thing happened. Can someone tell me how to start Max Payne 3? Is the Rockstar Games Social Club account really needed for launch of the game?

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    Re: Getting long initializing and stuck in Max Payne 3

    There is no need of having an Rockstar Games Social Club account to run Max Payne 3 on a PC. The problem that you have mentioned that it takes a long time for Max Payne 3 to initialize and then again registration in Rockstar Games Social Games fails is an error in the game. Actually after the initialization of the game finishes, the main interface for Rockstar Games Social Club should come up. This is where you can create a new account as well as verify an existing account. Due to the bug or glitch whatever that is present in the game, this interface fails to launch and thus the game gets stuck while startup. This problem can be solved easily and I have done it to make Max Payne 3 run properly.

    First I went into the folder where I have installed the game. In that folder, you can find a folder by name MP3_Installers. When you open this folder, you will see an executable file by name Social Club v1.0.9.5 Setup.exe. Start this application and keep it on. After this, start Max Payne 3 and wait for the screen where the game prompts you to press enter key to start the game. Once you reach here, instead of entering the game, switch back to the Social Club v1.0.9.5 Setup interface using the alt + tab method. Now in the same folder where you found Social Club v1.0.9.5 Setup.exe file, you will also find a renderer.exe file. Click on it and nothing will happen. Now switch back to Max Payne 3 where you have left it on the ‘press enter’ screen. Now press enter and the interface for Rockstar Games Social club will appear within the game. From here you can create a new account or sign in into the existing one. I think that Rockstar Games should release a patch to solve this bug in Max Payne 3 very soon.

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