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Thread: When can I buy Dead Space 3

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    When can I buy Dead Space 3

    I am great fan of Dead Space series. On facebook someone has linked the new trailer or Dead Space 3. It was awesome. But there were no further information related to release date and price. Also what is new in this game. I had played Dead Space 2 some time ago and really enjoyed it. I am sure that there will be major changes in the story line. Dealing with Aliens and killing them all is the actual gameplay. I have high expectations with the new version. It is quiet not easy to figure out only by watching trailer that what is the actually difference. I can be find in detail via reading any kind of review or by a demo gameplay video. I am waiting for the demo download. I hope they might release this early.

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    Re: When can I buy Dead Space 3

    Not sure. The final release date is not yet announced. But they said that this might appear in the last quarter of this year or simply the next year first quarter. There are new additions in the game. The game tends to based more on fight now and there is entirely new environment in it. Based on some news, the game might have better co-op gameplay this time. You might be lucky to fight with a partner. There is no pre-order date provided yet.

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    Re: When can I buy Dead Space 3

    This game might appear in the end of this year. I am too trying to find out the release info. Yet there is no pre-order date announced and it looks that there is still lot time to get the final version. Yet there are small glimpse on youtube provided by trailer which shows that there are ample of new additions in the game. On a news site I saw some pics related to this game which shows more deadlier aliens and weapons. So you can expect more better action.

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