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Thread: Can’t join friends in Max Payne 3, error "Join Failed Failure: Blacklisted.

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    Can’t join friends in Max Payne 3, error "Join Failed Failure: Blacklisted.

    I am playing this game since morning in multiplayer mode, its been more 3 hours. I disconnected the game for few minutes in between but when i tried to connect back later, it gives me an error ‘Join Failed Failure: Blacklisted’. Am getting the same whenever I am trying to join Max Payne 3 now. Can you tell me why this error is occurring? Let me know if you know anything about any fix. Thanks a lot in advance.

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    Re: Can’t join friends in Max Payne 3, error "Join Failed Failure: Blacklisted.

    Above mentioned error means that you have been removed from the game session due to bad connection with other players. You cannot rejoin immediately in same game session. Because incompatibility is saved on the server for that particular session. The root cause of said problem is that several gamers are using Closed NAT Type. Mainly it get happens due to router configuration. To fix it, you should not connect with router, rather connect with modem. You should use wired Ethernet cable. Once you have done, NAT Type should be Open and connection would get improved.

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    Re: Can’t join friends in Max Payne 3, error "Join Failed Failure: Blacklisted.

    Looking at the situation I recommend to test your internet connection. If you are using Xbox 360 do the following.

    Go for MyXbox, click System Settings, click Network Settings and click Test Xbox LIVE Connection
    After completion of test connection, you need to go for more info which will let you know about NAT type. I would like to explain about Nat type.
    • OPEN : it will allow you to play game with any kind of NAT type
    • MODERATE: it will allow you to play game with both moderate and Open Nat types.
    • STRICT: it will allow you to play with Open Nat Type only.

    For PS3, you can do below mentioned steps to figure out NAT type.

    Go for Settings, Select Network Settings and go for Internet Connection Test.
    Here you will see following categories of NAT Type
    • Type 1: it is same as that of Open Type which I had mentioned above. However you are connected with internet without having any router.
    • Type 2: It is almost same as Type 1 but only difference is that internet is connected through router.
    • Type 3: It is least Open with respect to all other Nat Type which I have mentioned above.

    So you should check it out Nat Type accurately and see whether any incompatibility is occurring between Nat Type. To get more open NAT, I would recommend configuring ports with static IP.

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    Re: Can’t join friends in Max Payne 3, error "Join Failed Failure: Blacklisted.

    In this particular situation I am suggesting following solutions which you can try,
    1. Disconnect the router and reconnect the same after 10 minutes.
    2. Disable the firewall on temporary basis and see whether it is making any difference into the situation. if issue gets resolved you should reconfigure the firewall.
    3. You might need to enable or disable uPnP as per the need of situation. you can do the same on either Console or Router.
    4. You should enable DMZ. It will turn off firewall features that are associated with router.
    5. You can also try Bridge Mode and see whether it helps you out.
    6. Make sure that you have installed latest version of router firmware. If still issue is not resolve you should contact your ISP and ask about further help.

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